Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Costuming and Practice

I have been on and off working on 2 gowns that I plan to make in silk in the future. I thought I would practice with the cotton and maybe have a couple of day dress type know for events that *one day* will take place? Speaking of....I would really like to join or start a reenacting group for 18th century Rococo events in Texas. Extensive web browsing has turned up not a whole lot of anything for my area. There is a Jane Austen Society of North Texas that I will look into but for Rococo/Georgian... zilch. I just need to start traveling! hehe! I'm imagining something like the SCA set in the 18th century. Anyone interested in joining my "Court" may simply send me a letter.

Back to the on going projects:
Exhibit A:
My first Robe a la Francaise... in Cotton...I sort of got carried away and did a stomacher and a bit of trimming. I will eventually clean it up *hem and add flounces* I also don't have this laced in the back of the dress which is making a big difference in the over all fit. Also needs more petticoats...I like a big full skirt! :) I do like the general decor of the boned stomacher but I want to make it more narrow. You can see how loose the over all fit is...ick. I will be making the "formal" Robe a la Francaise in a gold/butter silk so I will keep this stomacher and make a matching petticoat with the same red fabric. These colors would have been nice if I had a costumed Christmas event to attend. Oh and ixnay on the bows (they are the pins that are keeping it together right now)
...well hello there!...J was in a hurry lol...The back pleating doesn't look so hot in the picture but its actually not too bad.

Exhibit B:
Robe a la polonaise with en fourreau pleated back
eh... its a work in progress. Will probably end up in a pretty stripey silk blend I have.
I kind of like this print with the blue petticoat :)

Also pictures to come of the Riding Habit that I HAVE to finish in the next two weeks!


  1. It's interesting that you mention the 18th century SCA idea, as I have long thought the same thing. It does seem that in America there is a woeful lack of organizations for our time period, unless one wants to be a Colonial. It's a shame I am not anywhere close to Texas, or we could start something.

  2. Well I say we start something! We can be neighboring "Counties/Duchies/or Kingdoms" will spread :) Thank you kindly for the comment :)

  3. I wanna be in your court!!!! I would SO be into doing something like that. We need to have another sewing day sometime too - I really enjoyed the last one!

    Your dresses look great too!

  4. I have been thinking way too much about this post and how much fun the 18th century SCA group would be!!!! Definitely look for a post on mind is swirling with fun ideas!!! I'm thinking an event once a month or every other month...then hosting something bigger once a year for other "Duchies" near by who are interested...and making little travels to others for events. Fun! Fun! Tea parties, Balls, picnics, salons and much more!

  5. I wonder how many other people might be interested in this idea. It sounds like lots of fun!